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RuRoC Helmets
Supporting Power Kiting
RuRoC helmets, they are already used around the world by F1 pit crews in racing today, from McLaren, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Force India, Mercedes, Brawn, Lotus and Virgin Formula one to NASCAR, Indy Car Aston Martin LeMans and many more, also sports like Snow boarding, skiing, Speed Flying, Blo Carting etc etc, together with the aerodynamic style and venting system, these helmets are perfect for our sport.
RuRoC Helmet Construction

Exploded view of the helmetThe basic helmet design uses two main sections made up of an internal liner (EPS) and a hard external shell (ABS). Multiple recessed pathways have been removed from the normally smooth EPS. This allows air to circulate and pass between this and the ABS external shell. Strategically located air intake apertures provide a constant source of forced air which is increased through motion giving the wearer more ventilation when they need it most.
Our fully interlocking Helmet, Goggles and Mask system, seamlessly integrating to provide the ultimate in protection and product innovation.

    * Seamlessly integrating helmet, goggles and mask system
    * Continually regulated helmet designed to keep your                 head at a comfortable temperature
    * Quick release mask
    * Zero mist goggles with UV400 protection
Helmet Venting

Front view showing airwaysAll RuRoc helmets provide improved head coverage and protection compared to conventional helmets, they also incorporate a unique ventilation system that perpetually circulates and replaces air within the helmet to minimize fogging and sweat inside the helmet when it is being worn.

The goggles are vented on all four sides (from above, below and to the sides), so that air can both enter and escape the goggles. Apertures are also positioned to the side of the lens for evacuating air from the sides of the helmet.

Forward (oncoming) air   is driven into foam lined narrow venting gaps between the mask and the goggles. Oncoming air is also driven into a foam lined venting gap in the front/centre of the face mask. This air is forced up into the goggles from underneath and also out of the tunnel at either side of the helmet.

Side view showing airwaysAir behind the goggles is evacuated upwardly through vents in the brow of the goggles, and this evacuation of air is aided by air entering the brow of the goggles and flowing up into the ventilation system of the helmet shell. In other words, oncoming air is driven into the intakes of the goggles and upwardly into the exhaust channels of the helmet shell   (from which it is then expelled though vents in the first outer shell section, thereby causing a vacuum which sucks air into the ventilation system of the helmet shell (from both head of the wearer and the region between the front of the helmet and the face of the wearer). Thus, the ventilation system perpetually circulates and replaces air within the helmet to minimizing fogging and sweat inside the helmet when it is being worn.
F1 to Blo Carting & everything in between ...these helmets ROCK
A world first, the RuRoC helmet is the only product on the market to offer a helmet, goggles and mask, designed to work seamlessly together to combine the ultimate in protection and product innovation. The fully integrated helmet boasts the latest in design and technology and has been created to fit together to form a unique seal, putting a stop to discomfort in extreme conditions on the beaches.

With the option to wear the entire helmet or to separate the goggles and lid by the incorporation of a dynamic, three way function, this cutting edge design also features:

•A helmet that is continually regulated with a fresh supply of vented, turbulent air to ensure the head stays at the optimum temperature •Goggles with an invincible seal and four-way ventilation preventing any air hitting the head and resulting in zero mist, whatever the conditions

•A breathable mask, designed to create a barrier from the elements, with a quick release fastening for ease of use, even when wearing heavy gloves

•Peripheral vision offering the largest/widest lenses currently available on the market With the ability to withstand temperatures from -40 degrees to 50 degrees, RuRoC helmets also include foam liners for superior comfort and breathability, a stylish gloss finish on the adult line up and matt painted on the youth’s and lenses with a spherical dual layer and mirror coating for ultimate vision. The Helmets also come with a spare low light lens, goggle pouch and an extra set of helmet comfort fitting pads Suitable for all snow enthusiasts, from recreational boarders and buggiers to extreme snow professionals, RuRoC offers complete protection so you can enjoy the thrills of buggying in comfort RuRoC helmets have undergone rigorous testing and will be widely available from January 2008 in both adult and Youths sizes across an extensive range of colours.

Most people think that from the look and the make up of the helmet it will weigh a ton.......INCORRECT!

MASK WEIGHT 100 grams
After wearing this helmet for the first time buggying, I simply did not want to take it off, you hardly know you are wearing it..especially after being used to a motocross helmet. I stayed cool, and well vented, these are superb products